Why did you choose to work for CNCo and how is your experience so far?

I was already in the shipping industry prior to joining CNCo. When the opportunity to join Swire Bulk came, I decided to take it up as I was excited about the opportunities that were offered, in terms of growing the business as well as from a professional perspective. The Swire brand is highly regarded around the world and I knew that I would be joining a great company.

Over the past 18 months and working in close partnership with colleagues, I have had the privilege of growing the parcelling business in China. It is an exciting time given the potential of the business. I have also enjoyed meeting with both potential and current customers to understand their needs and to see how we could offer the best solution and be their preferred choice of partner.

What advice do you have for people who wants to be in this industry/ to be where you are now?

While it can be a tough industry with its complexity, it can be fulfilling at the same time. You will learn new things and skills. Working hard, growing your network and gaining as much experience as you can will always bring you further than what you have ever imagined.