What we do

Target Markets

Power Utilities, Industries, Steel, Chemical, Mining Companies, Civil Engineering Firms, etc.

Our logistics solutions/services can be utilised to:
  • Supplement existing ports requiring expansion and capacity enhancement to increase cargo throughput.
  • Provide interim export solution, in order to generate a sound cashflow through fast cargo exports, avoiding large capital intensive port investments.
  • Overcome physical and  Hydro graphic restrictions of particular port such as draft and vessel size limitations.
  • Overcome port congestion.
  • Providing a commercial and environmentally viable alternative to a shore-based facilities when the volumes are not at scale to justify the investment in a shore-based facility or in case of short-lived trade, as in the case of mines with limited reserves of 10 / 15 years.
  • Cargo lightening operations outside draft restricted facilities of industrial users, for the avoidance of capital intensive dredging & harbour building.